Dorothy's Story

Dorothy started off her sports career in  a variety areas such as basketball, badminton and even track and field prior to picking up a pistol for the first time. She always had athletic tendency and ability. Somewhere mixed in with a natural tendency to pick technique up quickly, and a passionate father, she found a love of shooting sports.

Dorothy was always the girl to beat in almost every competition. She always loved to compete. The 1995 Canada Winter Games was her first taste of a multi-sport games, and the sweet taste of victory. She not only was first place in the trials for these games, but she came home with a gold medal around her neck. From then on, nothing but the podium would due.

Even though training during her university years was difficult, she continued to train and stay on top of her game while achieving her Bachelor of Arts.

In 2002 Dorothy attended her first international multi-sport games, the Commonwealth Games in Manchester, England. Dorothy, ever mindful of walking in her father's footsteps was never one to be outdone, and not only matched her father, Bill Hare's 1978 Commonwealth Games Gold medal, but added a Silver medal to her tally as well. Gold and Silver medals in the Team, and Individual matches in Women's Air Pistol at the games. With her father Bill as her coach, and her brother John cheering her in the stands.

Dorothy continued to compete and strive for her very best. In 2005 her coach and father, passed away. She would have to spend the next years soul searching as to whether she would continue competing in her fathers memory, or if she was truly competing because she loved the sport.

Dorothy found that she couldn't walk away from the sport. And she was in it for her. She found her confidence and went into the 2007 Pan American games as Canada's stongest competitor and best chance for a medal. Through the finals in her event she went from first, to fourth. A Canadian Teammate captured the gold medal, and the trip to the Beijing 2008 Olympics. A devestating blow to any athlete to come so close, yet be so far away.

In 2010 Dorothy teamed up with her little sister Lynda at the Commonwealth games. The first time the two had been teammates internationally. Bringing home a bronze medal between them was a great reward. Even sweeter, was that Dorothy was pregnant and continued to compete during her pregnancy at two international competitions, both bringing home medals.

Facing motherhood, Dorothy was starting to think her sports career would be slowing down, however it was only just taking off.

Dorothy won the 2011 Canadian National Pistol Championships which named her to the 2011 Pan American Games team. Facing the Pan Am games a second time while also leaving her 6 month old son at home to compete was nothing less than a testement to her strength and resolve as a fierce competitor. Dorothy came home with the Gold Medal from the Pan American Games, and a spot on for the 2012 Olympics in London. All that stood between her and the Olympics now, was the Canadian team trials, where she would face off with her own sister.

Dorothy prepared herself, and came out victorious from the Canadian Trials! Without her sister pushing her to be her best, she was not sure she would have made it, so asked Lynda to join her Olympic Support Staff. A surreal experience to participate in the Olympics with her sister at her side. Her father would have been so proud!

Placing 34th in her first Olympics, and a strong performance, the sights are now set forward to what comes next.   A quick turnaround brought Dorothy back to Canada to compete in the National Pistol Championships, solidifying once again her title as National Champion.  


Through a whirlwind of post Olympic activity Dorothy welcomed her second child into her life in 2013.  Training became much more challenging with two little ones to take care of, but she continued to find time to go to the range and put in the training of her much loved sport.  True to herself and dedication Dorothy once again traveled abroad for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.  Leaving two little boys behind, Dorothy and sister Lynda (with her 2 week old new baby in tow) over came many obstacles and barriers in order to remain a force to be reckoned with.   Once again both sisters went into finals together and came out in 3rd and 5th.  Dorothy was bringing home another Commonwealth medal (Bronze) to add to her collection. 


Did you know? 

That Dorothy's focus in University was for Drama and that for many years could be seen both on stage and in the technical booth of her local theater?

That one of Dorothy's favorite memories, is sitting beside her mom at a cabin, watching the sun rise over the mountains?

That standing next to her sister Lynda on the podium in 2010, was one of the best moments in her shooting career?