Lynda's Story

Lynda Kiejko (pronounced KAY-ko) is passionate about pistol shooting! She started competing at age 11 and has been growing in her sport ever since. She specializes in 10m Women's Air Pistol, but also enjoys 25m Women's Target Pistol.

The first tangent goal she had was to be a part of the 1995 Canada Winter Games Team. At the time, a few years seemed so distant that there was an infinite amount of time to train. She came very close, but ended up as the alternate for the women's team. Although dissapointed, she set her sights on larger targets and laid out her training with determination to get herself there.

She spent 4 years focusing heavily on her Bachelors of Science degree before returning even more dedicated to her sport than ever before. Graduating in 2003 with a BSc in Civil Engineering she then focused back on her first passion, and used two world cups as preparation for her performance as part of Team Canada's 2003 Pan American Games contingent. This was her goal. Gold medal at the Pan American Games, would secure a spot on the Athens 2004 Canadian Olympic Team.

Although she had a strong performance at the Games, it did not result in a Gold Medal. Lynda would bring home the bronze, and yet more determination to keep striving for higher achievements.

Although her trip to Athens would no longer be for the Olympics, she still holds the experience as unforgettable. She joined her coach, and father for the Olympic test event in Athens. This would be the last time her father would be with her as coach for an International Competition.

Bill Hare (left) with Lynda Kiejko (right) in Olympia, Greece. The birthplace of the Olympics. Lynda and Bill stood on the original marble finish line, in the very first Olympic Oval. An experience to inspire hope, perserverance, and remembrance.

On the approach into the Olympic oval, there are ruins of statues. Athletes immortalized not for their great feats, but for being caught cheating. The statues stood as a reminder to all other athletes entering the oval, that the Olympics were about being your best, and forgetting the rest.

Although this was the last time Bill and Lynda traveled overseas together, she has written his words on her heart and continued to compete under her own passion after his death in 2005.

Lynda and her sister Dorothy, supported each other through the years after Bill's death to continue in the sport.

In 2010 Dorothy and Lynda Teamed up for the first time in their sports career to bring home a Team Bronze medal at the Commonwealth Games. And leading up to the 2012 London Olympics, they were both at the top of their Game. Lynda placed second to her sister at the Canadian Olympic Trials for the 2012 Olympics, and traveled with Dorothy as part of her Olympic Support staff. Although not competing in the 2012 Olympics, the experience  for Lynda was invaluable! Not often does an athlete have the opportunity to experience the Olympic Village and Venues from the competition floor without the pressure of competition. With this new perspective and a new coach, Lisa Borgerson, the training for Rio 2016 Olympics had already begun!

There is still a long road to Rio, however traveling it seems to grow ever faster! 2014 was a huge year for experience! It marked a third wedding anniversary with her husband, Kevin, the birth of their first child, a beautiful daughter, Olivia. This monumental occasion did not slow down Lynda's pursuits in the slightest. Her determination had her competing in the USA World Cup 6 months pregnant! 

Olivia is now an important part of Lynda's competition support staff, having traveled to Scotland for the Commonwealth Games at just 2 weeks old. Lynda has also been accompanied to World Championships in Spain, as well as to Championships of the Americas in Mexico. Her coach Lisa, has also taken on the roll of "Grammy" to little Olivia as they have spent countless hours in the range together.

Lynda carried on with the momentum she was gaining after her daughters birth through the 2015 competitive season. First winning the trials for the Pan American Games team, followed by placing 6th at the South Korea World Cup in Changwon.

Double gold at the Pan American Games would be the pinacle of the season, as it brought with it a qualification to Rio 2016. Lynda competed in the Canadian Olympic Trials in April 2016 and secured her spot to represent Canada at the Olympics!




Did you know?

Lynda's most nerve wracking experience on the range was watching her sister compete at the 2012 London Olympics?

One of her staple foods is peanut butter

When not training, traveling or competing, she's a civil engineer

Lynda's coach Lisa, has her own website